ShareThis 3.4.2

Make online sharing even easier


  • Lots of sharing services supported
  • Well-integrated into Firefox


  • Must trust a 3rd party with log-on details

Very good
Sharing is pretty much the lifeblood of modern news, information and entertainment, with one person finding a link of interest and passing it on to their friends and peers. Most of us use so many different ways of sharing these days - from email to Twitter and Stumbledupon to Digg - that sometimes it's hard to keep track of what you should share, with who, and how.

ShareThis is a neat Firefox add-on that centralizes a host of social networking and service sites. When you examine the application's options, you'll see just how many it supports - over 45 of them. You can include the services as you please by checking or unchecking their boxes, but beyond this there are no other configuration options. The ShareThis icon appears in both the address bar and the Navigation Toolbar. ShareThis also integrates into the context menu, for when you right-click on a link.

The method you use to share links with ShareThis depends on the service in question. Some services, such as sharing by email or Twitter, open a small pop-up window where you can input the details. Others, such as Facebook, open a new tab where you can enter your login information. You can also register for ShareThis, which makes managing your shared material and contacts/log-in details easier, but it is not essential to use the service.

ShareThis is a flexible add-on for sharing fiends.



ShareThis 3.4.2

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